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5 of the World’s Most Beautiful City Parks to Visit in Your Travels

City parks are among many places’ hidden getaways. They offer a lot of attractions and activities that will make even a brief visit worth your time. There is no dearth of public parks to find when you are traveling. Here are five of the world’s most beautiful city parks you might want to see on your trips.

1. Central Park, New York, USA

Central Park

This world-renowned park at the heart of Manhattan spans 843 acres and a top attraction in its own right. Central Park offers plenty of things to see and do for locals and travelers visiting the city. The site is suitable for quiet meanderings and relaxation or exhilarating activities like biking, boating, running, and walking among many others. All across the park’s vast green spaces are scenic spots by the lake, wide open fields, wooded areas, and more.

2. Hyde Park, London, UK

Hyde Park

London is home to several parks among the most notable of which are the Royal Parks. Hyde Park is one of the best known royal parks in the city and covers 350 acres of grounds, lake, meadows, and woodlands. Popular attractions include the Serpentine Lake where visitors can row a rented boat across the calm and scenic water. Another great way to enjoy the lake is to sit by the bank and soak in the view. The park also offers plenty of entertainment and activities for locals and tourists like musical performances, sporting activities like swimming and rowing, and a lot more.

3. Keukenhof, Lisse, Netherlands


If you find yourself in Lisse in the Netherlands between March and May, you may want to make time to visit the Keukenhof. The famous park is home to millions of tulips and other flowers that burst into a kaleidoscope of magnificent colors in spring. You can meander along the many pathways and marvel at the sights and sounds around you.

4. Park Güell, Barcelona, Spain

Park Güell

Park Güell was designed by the world famous architect Antoni Gaudì. Located in Barcelona, the park offers scenic attractions and relaxing respite from the constant hub of city life. It features spectacular architecture including pavilions and a colorful mosaic fountain. A visit to the park also provides a great view of the city.

5. Royal National City Park, Stockholm

Royal National City Park

The Royal National City Park provides an enchanting nature escape in the city. It is a great place to reconnect with nature and enjoy breathtaking scenery. It is not unusual to catch a glimpse of some of the wildlife that roams in the massive park. There are many scenic trails suitable for horse riding, trekking, or walking. There is also a wide array of attractions that would make your visit worth every minute of your time.

Remember These When Camping & Hiking In A Deep Forest

deep forest

Nothing beats seeing for yourself the wonders of nature – especially when you know it’s tucked away somewhere, hidden from plain sight.

Remember these when camping and hiking in a deep forest:

  • Being a “girl scout” or “boy scout” helps.It’s not just about surviving, in case you get lost into the deeper part of the forest. It’s about being ready for anything that might happen as you go camping or hiking. Thus, never forget to bring and equip yourself with the basics – and more – such as warm clothes, flashlights, matches, ropes, knives, saws, and wooden sticks.

Check out for some of the best circular saws out there, as well as the right kind of saw to bring or equip yourself with when camping or hiking in a deep forest.

  • You’ll realize that cutting down trees is okay, but not every tree in the forest.Cutting down trees when gathering firewood or when clearing trails is okay; however, cutting down EVERY tree in the forest for commercial purposes is another story. You see, it’s not just about leaving the whole forest completely bald. It’s also about destroying the homes of wild animals living there.
  • It’s all worth it.Yes, we know. Camping and hiking can be uncomfortable and exhausting. But when you finally get there, to where you’ll be setting up camp and where you’ll be exploring the next day, you’ll realize that it’s all worth it. No amount of sweat, and even tears, can be measured against the joy of experiencing firsthand the wonders of nature surrounding you.

In conclusion, it takes more than just the basics when camping or hiking in a deep forest. You have to be both ready and grateful on what nature has to offer, as well as understand the importance of trees in one’s life, other living things, and the whole forest.

Happy camping and hiking in a deep forest!

Best Parks To Visit

Awesome Parks That You And Your Family Should Visit

When is the last time that you had a bonding moment with your family? If you’re a workhorse type of guy, your answer is maybe a long long time ago. So you want to bond with them but you have no idea on where in the world should you go? Those problems are over my friend. These are some of the best parks that you can go to with you family.

Yellowstone National Park – Wyoming, USA

Yellowstone Geyser
Yellowstone’s World Famous Geysers.

A world-famous destination in the United States, a trip to this majestic nature park will definitely give you a good bonding time with your family. You should visit the Old Faithful geyser which erupts every 91 minutes. Also the Morning Glory Pool. There are still a lot of terrific sights for you to discover.

Serengeti National Park – Northern Tanzania, Africa

Serengeti National Park
A Common Sight in Serengeti.

If you have the budget to travel overseas, this park should the one of your first priorities to go to. Filled with diverse flora and fauna, if you love nature and its awesome creatures, this is the perfect spot of you. Watch the migration of the wildebeests and zebras and prepared to be astonished.

Banff National Park – Alberta, Canada

Moraine Lake
Moraine Lake, Banff National Park.

Banff is Canada’s oldest national park. Enjoy the scenic views of the Rockies with your family. There’s also a lot of activities to engage too. Ski at Lake Louise, Kayak in the Moraine Lake, ride the Banff Gondola and explore the Columbia Icefields. A relaxing trip guaranteed by this incredible place that we call Banff.

All of these places are widely considered as one of the most beautiful parks in the world. They can also offer you great food and drinks while you’re at it. The are many restaurants and eateries around these parks. Always think healthy even you’re far away from home. Drink plenty of water and fruit juices to combat dehydration. Fruit juices and smoothies can also give you a short power boost and best of all, it tastes good. You should research the unbelievable benefits of juices and smoothies online. Health is wealth and you should take care of it for you to enjoy more out of your life.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this. Thank you and See You Again!

6 Reasons to Visit National Parks


When was the last time you visited a national park? If you are racking your brain for the answer, you may want to plan a trip soon. National Parks are excellent destinations to spend a vacation or a quick getaway. Here are six of the top reasons why you should start planning that trip to a national park near you.

Budget-friendly getaways

National parks are among the most budget friendly places to explore. You do not have to spend for the costs of traveling outside the country to enjoy some of the world’s most stunning views. Admission fees are affordable and some national parks even offer free entrance on certain days. And you get more than your money’s worth with all the sights and activities you can find in the park.

A great way to unplug

Digital detox, unplugging, or going tech-free is often easier said than done. One of the best ways to spend some time offline is to spend time outdoors away from your gadgets, mobile devices, and Internet connection. A national park is a great place to get away from the constant email notifications, phone calls, and the usual distractions of your daily routines.

Showcases nature’s breathtaking wonders

There is more to parks than the trees, plants, and birds you often find even in urban green spaces. National parks offer a wide array amazing natural wonders that include caves, lakes, meadows, snowcapped mountains, and more. You can come across ancient trees, soothing streams, and many spectacular sights.


National parks are among the best places to learn more about science, the environment, and more. It makes learning more interesting as the senses become more engage in the process. You can sign up for educational tours and listen to different topics like natural science, history, and more.

Plenty of relaxing spots

Parks not only offer a wide array of action-packed adventures. They also have many scenic spots perfect for relaxation. You can sit quietly in a beautiful meadow or along the bank of a calming stream. You can watch the stars at night when camping or see the sun rise in the morning. You may even enjoy a relaxing swim in a lake.

Good for your health and wellbeing

Spending more time outdoors can have beneficial effects to your health and wellbeing. It can boost your mood and improve fitness as you get more exercise from the physical activities that you do while exploring parks. You can come back to your every day routines feeling more refreshed and revitalized after a trip to the national park.